Gutter Downspout Repair/Replacement

Man Cleaning The Gutter

Your downspout is without a doubt one of the key parts of your gutter system. It will literally be taking all of the water to its final destination if you will. These problems are actually easy to spot. The issue though is that people don’t tend to see them until we are getting a lot of continuous rain. So what happens is that we are called in to handle an emergency situation. We are not complaining about that, but a lot of damage can be done to the gutters at this point in time.

Replacement Or Repair 

The first thing that we are going to need to basically decide is whether we are going to be able to repair the damage done and make sure that the system continues to work correctly. If we are not going to be able to do that we are quickly going to want to take steps to ensure that we have the right type of materials to be able to replace the existing structure. We emphasize the right types of materials part because we have seen different situations where people are in a hurry so they will just replace their downspout with whatever type of material. That is usually not going to be a long term solution.

Working Against The Clock

We’ve talked about how people will sometimes give us a call when time is already not on their side. The best way that we have to avoid those quick fixes that we just criticized in the last paragraph is just to have the material already on hand. What happens is a lot of companies are going to have to backorder their materials and that takes time off the clock that you don’t have. We can come in, in an emergency situation and get a proper replacement in because we have the materials on hand.

Keeping Debris Off The Downspout

As with any part of a gutter system debris is going to be the main enemy of downspouts no doubt. Gravity is going to be working in our favor to get water to come down, but it is also going to be sending leaves and all sorts of debris. There are two main solutions to this problem either we make the downspout wide enough to be able to handle water and debris or we block the debris from entering you decide what you want to do! We could even do both actually. This could be considered part of our repair process as we are virtually going to be adapting the downspout.

Is It A Good Idea To Put Iron On Aluminum Or Plastic?

When you have a vinyl or an aluminum fixture that breaks a lot of people think that by getting it repaired with what could be considered more durable matrerials is a good idea. In this case, may be not. It could end up adding weight to the structure that will ultimatly cave in.